Albion “Oak Show” Development Site


Located on Albion Ridge Road from approximately from 4.0 to 5.0 miles on the North side of ARR from 200” past Middle Ridge Road to “O” Road, this ~160 acre forest land has been Caterpillar scraped clear of brush to open soil and seeded with rye grass.


There has been no effort made to obtain permits according to county planning and this preparation appears to be a land conversion for residential development. The property backs up on magnificent views of Railroad Gulch, Table Mountain and the hills on Comptche Road in Little River.


These images were taken early March and speak for themselves. Work has continued to prepare the majority of the acreage and a road is about to be constructed 200 feet to the west of the Oak Show entry road.


Please form your own opinions about the appropriateness and legality of this project.    ~~Bernie Macdonald


All images taken late in day with sun low in the west and taken sequentially as the road was traversed along the northern perimeter.  Please note that the light brown surface is soil, not grass or ground cover.


1.  100’ in from yellow gate looking right from road

2.  150’ in from yellow gate looking left from road

3.  250’

4.  300’

5.  400’

6.  500’

7.  550’

8.  550’ and 200’in

9.  650’

10. 2000’ in on road

11. 2100’

12. 2300’

13. 2500’

14. 2700’

15. 2700’ and 200’ south

16. 2700’ and 400’ south

17. Equipment resting on hill across ARR northwest of Donut Shop

18. Downhill view from equipment