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Welcome to Albion, heart of the Albion Nation, dedicated to community environmental service, local stewardship, and a healthier planet.


  A cross for each of our soldiers who have died in Iraq; Bring our troops home now and Begin Peace .

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Our prime commitment is sustainable forestry and the health of the Albion and Salmon Creek watersheds.  We are engaged in such environmental issues because as part of local communities and stewardships we believe our struggles are of significance in motion towards a larger goal; that of communities everywhere in contact with the soul of their commons and embracing their local stewardship towards a new/evolutionary social order

Our current major issues are to protect the Albion from final damage and irreversible decimation of the watershed.    We are recently engaged in resisting the commodification of environmentally precious river water for profit. Simultaneously we are dialoguing with Mendocino Redwood Co to reduce their annual timber take to 20mbf from their current annual 46mbf; hopefully, to facilitate survival of the Coho salmon and recovery of our riverine forests. We are also engaged with Hawthorne Timber Company towards sustainable logging practice in the Salmon Creek watershed.


Salmon Creek & Big River to Sustainably Forested by The Conservation Fund and our communities.

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MidStream Partners Development

Albion River Water Extraction

And our friends in Gualala River 

COHO Salmon in Danger of Extinction

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